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This real-life Brady Bunch story is about what it means to endure the unthinkable—and still open one’s heart to what’s next.

When two childhood friends die of cancer six weeks apart, the shared experience of loss brings their grieving spouses together. After months of late-night phone calls, family dinners, and countless dreams and tears, this unlikely pair builds a trust, a love, and a shared life.

Told from alternating points of view, The Color of Rain illuminates the stepping-stones of healing that lead to a joyful new beginning for Michael and Gina Spehn and their five children. Like many who grieve, Michael and Gina had to choose to hope again. Along the way, they discovered that God can restore the darkest circumstances—and even from death, He can bring new life.

Michael and Gina’s gripping story of “growing new hearts” will inspire readers not only to survive loss but also to receive the new courage, faith, and identity that God gives in the midst of tragedy.


“Michael and Gina’s beautiful love story is not only a remarkable gift to their exceptional first spouses, but to their children, their families, and to anyone who has experienced loss, new love, and redemption. I was touched by the raw emotion in their writing, and have a renewed appreciation of the family and friends with which God has blessed me. A lovely, thought-provoking memoir that I won’t soon forget.”
LisaGee, posted on Amazon

“If you’ve ever struggled with the loss of a loved one, you’ll be transformed by this remarkable story. Michael and Gina will show you the way out of your darkness through faith, hope and even humor. It’s a beautifully written story that will have you appreciating life and those you love with all your heart.”
Tami, posted on Amazon

“Love, loss, tragedy, and triumph. This wonderfully written story takes you on a roller coaster of emotion only to leave you smiling on the last page. For those of us who may be cynics, it restores faith and hope. A truly beautiful story…I loved it!”
HDS, posted on Amazon

“Extremely well-written, vulnerable, and with a beautiful ending, this book will help you live with more gratitude, purpose, and joy. I found myself hugging my chilren a little longer, and telling my husband how grateful I am to spend these days with him.”
Karen, from CA

“For anyone who has lost a loved one, especially to cancer – as I did this year, this book is a MUST read. It gave me hope and strength that there is life beyond the loss
Lin, from MI

“This is an inspiring story for anyone who has gone through a season of personal loss.”
Elaine Raxon, CBA Retailers & Resources

“This is truly an amazing story of redemption and finding joy in the midst of lifes’ greatest trials. The writing is captivating and will have you gripped from the first pages! A powerful and moving must-read!!”
Colleen, posted on Amazon

“In their book, they’ve truly managed to teach and inspire us by reaching deep into their hearts to reveal the joys, fears, laughter, and tears common to all of us.”
Mel, from CA

“There was so much raw emotion in the book, not only with the loss of Matt and Cathy, Matt’s amazing faith, but also with Mike’s relationship with his dad. I believe this story will resonate with so many people. I have already been talking to friends about this book – this is an AMAZING story. I could’t put the book down – totally abandoned the family until it was finished!”
Deanne, in IA

“The story stayed in my heart and mind (and resurfaced in conversation) for the next several days.  You know its a good book when you are driving and you begin zoning out thinking about the story.”
Kathy, in CA

“The Color of Rain is authentic, beautiful, and redeeming. The Spehns are heroic–they bravely tell a personal story so that God will be glorified by it.”
Karen, in CA

“The Color of Rain is extraordinary. It made me want to be a better spouse to my husband and a better mother to my children.”
Meghan, in NY

“I read a lot of books. Of the 100 + books I’ve read in the last three years at a bare minimum, this is the best.”
Luke, in IA